Video: Fred Thompson campaigning in Iowa

Via Hot Air:

He’s still jerking us around a tiny bit on his announcement but he has to for legal reasons, I think. The meat here is his support for amendments to overturn Roe v. Wade and ban full faith and credit for gay marriage. Good, solid federalist positions insofar as they’d leave both issues with the individual states for decisionmaking and good politics insofar as both are sufficiently unlikely that he’ll never have to act on his position. Promise ‘em the moon, Fred!

I concur with Fred’s views on the issues. He is big on federalism which is something you don’t hear from candidates. Mainly because most Americans have no clue what the term means.

Apparently FOX News has been picking on him a bit:

Fairly harsh coverage of Sen. Fred Thompson’s first trip to Iowa today… from Fox News, an organ of opinion that Mr. Thompson very much wants in his corner. First, Carl Cameron points out Thompson’s Gucci loafers…

He also points out that Thompson did what “no other presidential candidate has done” — which is to motor around the state fair in a golf cart.

Eh, who cares. He’s finally on the campaign trail doing some serious campaigning. He’s running 2nd to Giuliani nationally it appears from RCP at this point.