John Edwards moving staff out of Nevada

Via Breitbart:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is moving staff out of Nevada to focus on other early voting states, a reflection of the uncertainty about the prominence of the first Western contest and Edwards’ tight resources.

Two Edwards campaign officials said Wednesday that the Nevada staffers were being relocated to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. They would not disclose how many staffers were being moved but characterized it as a handful.


Jonathan Prince, Edwards’ deputy campaign manager, said the 2004 vice presidential nominee is still committed to winning Nevada. The campaign has repeatedly said its goal is to raise $40 million this year, which it says will be enough to compete in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

“Our strategy is unchanged—four states and $40 million,” Prince said. “As the calendar fluctuates, with Iowa and New Hampshire moving up significantly, we need to accelerate hiring there to hit our organizing targets, so we’re shifting some trained staffers there, but we are as committed as ever to winning Nevada.”

Double yawn. However, everyone with half a brain knows that Edwards isn’t winning anything, let alone the nomination and the general election. He appeals to socialists who would just as soon vote for Hugo Chavez since Edwards is too conservative for them.

I implore John Edwards, stop wasting my time and bandwidth! Drop out now and just give Hillary her rightful nomination!