Video: John McCain on the O’Reilly Factor

For your viewing pleasure:

The best line:

O’REILLY: One last question for you. The opposition to the Iraq war is hateful at this point, and I’m sure you know that. It’s far beyond debates. It’s a motion. And I only have 30 seconds for you here. I’m going to bring you back any time you want.

What is driving the hatred behind that war? Do you know?

MCCAIN: I don’t know but they’ve lost sight of the fact that president’s don’t lose wars and parties don’t lose wars. Nations lose wars.

And if we lose this war, they’re going to follow us home. There’s chaos, genocide in the region, and we’ll pay a very heavy price. I’d much rather lose the campaign than lose the war. And I’m going to be in the debate in the middle of September when the Democrats try to give us a date for surrender.

I concur with McCain on Iraq. Amazingly I now mostly concur with McCain on immigration since he’s left the Kennedy/Amnesty stance.