What’s wrong with America today?

When Johnson & Johnson files suit against The American Red Cross over the use of the red cross symbol…….

When Barack Obama proclaims he would use military or nuclear force in allied countries such as Pakistan…..

When asshole problem Texas parents sue the  governor of Texas, Rick Perry and the school district over state mandated moment of silence……..

When a San Francisco city official enlists the help of illegal immigrants to protest a radio station and  tries to pass a resolution condemning a radio talk show host, trampling his freedom of speech and freedom of expression, his basic constitutional rights……..(The call for action against Michael Savage came at the same time city supervisors were considering using taxpayer dollars to pay for immigrants’ green cards and citizenship.)

When a couple of 18 year old seniors shoot a 35 year old man over who’s footaball team is better…….

When grandmothers are beaten with a hammer in a beauty parlor……..

When Billary Clinton refers to Republican leadership as a disaster whilst a Democrat led Congress(with a lower approval rating than the president) has passed no bills since taking power and attempted to block funding bills for the troops nearly every single time…….

When Bill Clinton can terminate every single U.S. attorney, while George Bush can come under Senate and media fire for the termination of LESS attornies……

When Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani can be railroaded by a rogue Democratic controled congressional prosecutor(who, by the way, is prosecuting based on the word of Time reporter and his insurgent “informant”), charged for murder while it has been proven he was in battle with known insurgents well within the rules of engagement……

When George Bush attempts to pass legislation that grants illegal immigrants amnesty…..

 There’s a problem.

Don’t be persuaded by party politics and gutless politicians into believing any one party is the saviour of our country. The only saviour is us. Vote Responsibly. Forget party politics. It isn’t the answer.

          Freedom. Independance. Fair & Equal Representation.

                           United We Stand. Devided We Fall.  

                                                  You Decide.