Democrats bomb on MSNBC, less than 1 million viewers

Via TVNewser:

The AFL-CIO Democratic forum last night on MSNBC, was the lowest rated-yet of the eight primary debates/forums held this election season. Based on live +same day data, Nielsen found the debate had 960,000 total viewers and 340,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo.

Wow.. wow.. Less than 1 million people cared to watch the Dems debate the merits of socialism before a union audience. This doesn’t mean much, other than the fact that about none of the general public actually cares about the race at this point. Or, it could mean that Democrats have made up their minds, essentially giving Hillary the throne and don’t see the need to actually watch them debate.

Perhaps it shows how much power and influence the unions have lost as more people catch on to how much of a sham modern organized labor really is.

The numbers from all the past debates:

4/26/2007 SC DEM DEBATE MSNBC 1.8 Million Viewers

5/3/2007 CA REP DEBATE MSNBC 1.5 Million Viewers

5/15/2007 SC REP DEBATE FNC 2.0 Million Viewers

6/3/2007 SR/NH DEM PRES DEBATE CNN 2.1 Million Viewers

6/5/2007 SR/NH REP PRES DEBATE CNN 1.6 Million Viewers

7/23/2007 SR/CNN YOUTUBE DEM DEBATE CNN 2.1 Million Viewers

8/7/2007 AFO/CIO FORUM MSNBC 0.9 Million Viewers

That’s weak, WEAK compared to the others! I’m certain the Dems on FOX News would be at least 2 million, or more.

The full video is coming soon, I promise!


Here is the full video of the entire debate:

8/7/07 – The AFL-CIO MSNBC Democratic debate from Soldier Field in Chicago