“Why I see John Edwards as a big phony”

This statement comes from Brad Warthen, Editorial Page Editor of TheState.com, a site devoted to South Carolina news:

MONTHS ago, I observed on my blog that I think John Edwards is a phony — a make-believe Man of The People.

It’s not so much that he’s lying when he says he wants to help One America — the Deserving Poor, whom he wants to vote for him — get what it has coming to it from the Other America (that of the Really Rich, to which he disarmingly admits he belongs). I think he believes it. But I don’t, and here’s why.

Well I’m certainly not passing this off as groundbreaking news, anyone who has watched Edwards knows he’s a phony.

Warthen goes on to contend that Edwards basically “turns on” his charm when he wants to win votes, otherwise he could care less about the people he’s around when he’s not on camera.

His conclusion:

But my impression had been reinforced with steel girders: John Edwards, Man of The People, is a phony. And until I see an awful lot of stunning evidence to the contrary, that impression is not likely to change.

I would have to concur. Last night I listened to Edwards state that “the system is rigged against you everyday” while speaking at the ALF-CIO debate in Chicago. He stood there on stage, someone who came up from nothing in the same “rigged” system to be a multi-millionaire on his own merits and hard work. Yet, he has the audacity to look people in the eye and tell them the system is rigged for them. So what am I supposed to take a way from that? Perhaps that Edwards, in his infinite wisdom, is smart enough to get around the rigged system but I, as a mere commoner, is not and Edwards will use the federal government to save me.

John Edwards is indeed the biggest phony in this race, hands down.

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