Obama Pisses Off Pakistan

From Fox News:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Pakistan criticized U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama on Friday for saying that, if elected, he might order military strikes against terrorists hiding in this Islamic country. Top Pakistan officials said Obama’s comment was irresponsible and likely made for political gain in the race for the Democratic nomination.”It’s a very irresponsible statement, that’s all I can say,” Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khusheed Kasuri told AP Television News. “As the election campaign in America is heating up we would not like American candidates to fight their elections and contest elections at our expense.”

And the Democrats would have us believe they are the saviors of the country…. I guess Obama’s stock just tanked. So much for the “unbeatable” Obama/Billary ticket the Democratic Party leaders were so hoping for. Cheers Nate, I’ll drink to this one.