Video: Chris Dodd on O’Reilly defending the Daily Kos

This one is worth the watch, at least for the bonus Dennis Miller in the second half:

While Chris Dodd is basically a non-issue in the 2008 campaign, it does prove that he simply pulls from the liberal talking points. Also, I cannot fathom why he will not even address the Lieberman picture which is purely disgusting.

I can only conclude that, like the other 2008 democratic candidates, Chris Dodd fears left wing blogs like Kos and others. What I can’t understand is why?!?! Kos railed against Lieberman and supported Ned Lamont in 2006, that went nowhere and Lieberman won handily. These people are not THAT powerful. They have readers but nothing substantial enough to sway an election. I can’t understand why liberal politicians are beholden to them other than money.

I concur with Dennis Miller entirely. The yearly loser convention stands.

Here’s a news report:

WASHINGTON – Bill O’Reilly told Chris Dodd, “I don’t have any respect for you” and “if I were Joe Lieberman I would never talk to you again.”

Dodd fired back that the talk show host says “a lot of things (that) are vile on a daily basis,” and that studies show O’Reilly says something derogatory about people or groups once every 6.8 seconds.

And so it went as the two sparred Thursday, first on radio and then on the Fox News Channel.

Dodd’s presidential campaign has been itching for the confrontation all week. “Support Chris Dodd’s strong stance against partisan media,” says the front page of the campaign web site. “Contribute!” That charge comes under a picture of O’Reilly.

Yes, Dodd’ campaign sorely needs publicity and here we are talking about it.


Chris Dodd is taking a cue from John Edwards and using this exchange with O’Reilly to raise money for his loser campaign:

Presidential Candidate Chris Dodd stood up to Bill O’Reilly’s tireless attacks on the progressive blogosphere and defended the democratic right to free speech in his appearance on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.” O’Reilly had launched a smear campaign against the political blog DailyKos, by selectively choosing a handful of objectionable comments out of the millions posted on the site and attempting to characterize the entire community with them. Dodd successfully exposed O’Reilly’s hypocrisy, referring to offensive comments O’Reilly has made in the past including when O’Reilly suggested that Al Qaeda “go ahead” and “blow up” Coit Tower in San Francisco.

It should read: “Chris Dodd looked like a moron quoting stories from Media Matters and other left wing sites while refusing to be a man and admit the cartoon on Joe Lieberman was sick.”

Dodd is a liberal stooge and will never amount to anything in this campaign. He’s an empty suit who has to pull a John Edwards and use other people to raise money. He’s pathetic and I can’t believe Connecticut voters have kept him in office this long. He brings nothing to the table in the 2008 election and frankly, he’s wasting people’s time. My condolences to the Dodd supporters, seek professional help.

The man is a complete joke, it pains me to give him more publicity.