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Today I decided to venture out and browse a few of the other blogs we list on our site here at You Decide I eventually decided to go with the following for obvious reasons: Blue Girl Red State

Here’s a brief piece of her opinion on someone else’s thoughts:

A comment Bluegirl has quoted on her site:

Here is the reality of this war: If we take out the troops too soon, the Iraqi people will suffer more bloodshed than the past four years. Al-Qaida will run rampant in Iraq and beyond its borders.Bluegirl’s response:No, you (expletive deleted) moron, here is the reality…There was no “al Qaeda” in Iraq before the stupid man in charge decided to launch a splendid vanity war. The Iraqi’s hate all foreign fighters, AQI included, and when we are gone, AQI will either flee or be slaughtered.

There is no vanity war, foreign fighters work hand in hand with Iraqi insurgencies, and they will never flee or be slaughtered…here is The Reality:

Global Warming Scam Artist Al Gore once famously bashed George H.W. Bush for NOT doing something about terrorist ties to Iraq. Those of you that are under the impression that terrorism was created by our presence are sadly mistaken and under the influence of fraudulent liberal propaganda. It has always been widely known the the terrorist organizations have existed through several different portions of the Arabic region. One should not be so short minded as to think that terrorist organizations are contained with in 1-2 countries. That would be the same as assuming the Crips and the Bloods only exist in New York and California or that the Mafia is consolidated to New York and Nevada. Saddam Hussein was personally responsible for mass genocide against opposing Arabic tribes to keep himself in power. One has to wonder how anyone on the left could possibly argue that this isn’t an act of terror, or such people capable of such terror wouldn’t be linked to other organizations. It seems to me the American public in general ignorantly tries to separate all these Arab people and organizations and define them by country. You can’t. It’s an entire Arabic nation. These people move freely amongst bordering Arabic countries just as easily as you and I move freely between the U.S. , Canada and Mexico. Nate we have some You Tube on the Gore/Bush convo?

Last but not least let us not forget, that we were previously in Iraq during the George H.W. Bush administration due to Hussein’s invasion of Saudi Arabia. Let us not forget that Usama Bin Hidin’ made attempts on the Twin Towers during the William Jefferson Clinton administration which he did nothing about. All of these events led to the encompassing WAR on terrorism on different levels in different areas of the same Arabic Nation. Unfortunately George W. Bush, being the poor speaker that he is, failed to convey this to the American people and the world at large. Most people are ignorant of the significance of the tie in between all these events. It’s an all encompassing matter, as opposed to the common misconception that they are simply two different agendas that we have ourselves involved in. There is so far more to this entire situation than most bloggers, and enthusiasts or the opposition seem to realize. Syria, Iran,Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon,Turkey, Israel, Palestine,Yemen…..the list goes on. All of these Arabic nations are involved on some level in the over all larger picture that is an enormous civil unrest within the ARAB nation, that we are not responsible for. These wars have been going on since before the birth of our nation….it’s high time people educated themselves on history and stop paying attention to politically motived media outlets for your source of information. I urge you all to really get to know the facts….voting party lines or falling for political propaganda will solve nothing. Party politics has already convoluted the war to the point of turning us against each other and no longer having faith in our military leaders to do thier jobs…. a politician does not win wars….your military does. Support them or do as the Democratic party leaders would have you do, join the fight with an empty bb gun due to lack of funding.