YouTube/CNN Debate Deciphered For The Common Man Pt.1

Ok folks, so here it is. I am going to break down small quotes and include the questions. I will give you a precise reality on these political spins they call answers.I’m only going to include the relevant part of thier answers as the rest of it is borring drivel that doesn’t answer the question, The majority of thier reply dances around the main point of the question so why include it all?

The Question:

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN host: Our first question tonight is Zach Kempf in Provo, Utah.
You’re going to spend this whole night talking about your views on issues, but the issues don’t matter if when you get in power nothing’s going to get done.

We have a Congress and a president with, like, a 30 percent approval rating, so clearly we don’t think they’re doing a good job. What’s going to make you any more effectual, beyond all the platitudes and the stuff we’re used to hearing? I mean, be honest with us. How are you going to be any different?

The Answers: (small excerpt)

SEN. CHRISTOPHER DODD:I’m very proud of the fact that, over my 26 years in the Senate, I’ve authored landmark legislation, the Family and Medical Leave Act, child care legislation, reform of financial institutions

The Reality: Senator Dodd did nothing more than try to brag on himself rather than answer what he would do differently at this point in time.


Well, I think the questioner hit the nail on the head. As I travel around the country, people have an urgent desire for change in Washington. And we are not going to fix health care, we’re not going to fix energy, we are not going to do anything about our education system unless we change how business is done in Washington.

The Reality: He couldn’t be more correct. However it might be a good idea to realize the democrats idea of socialized medicine is a crock. What they fail to tell you the voter is that in order to make socialized medicine possible taxes would have to be raised per each state at least 29% That’s a pretty hefty tax increase that no one can afford. Passing bills to create battery powered cars that plug into walls solves nothing, they still have to draw energy from the power plants which still burns fossil fuels. Education reform is going to require liberal laws such as no longer allowing children to be corporally punished without parents being charged with child abuse to be erradicated from the system all together. You can’t teach kids when the government won’t allow you to discipline them, rather than discipline the parents for trying to do so.

The Question:

Hello. My name is Davis Fleetwood. I’m from Groton, Massachusetts. My question is for Dennis Kucinich.

The Answers:


Well, first of all, a clear record as having not only opposed the war from the very beginning — the only one of the stage that actually voted against the war, and also the only one on the stage who voted against funding the war 100 percent of the time.

The Reality: Dennis would have the U.S. Military throwing sticks and stones when they ran out of ammo until he thought it was a good time to give them more funding. That’s the ticket Dennis, let’s just fund them part of the time. Nothin’ like a good ole HumVee without armor, wheels, or the gas to get anywhere. How about we toss your ass in the middle of the desert with a single pump Red Rider BB gun , no BB’s and a bottle of sunscreen filled with sun-tan oil? We’ll chalk it up to lack of funding and a misunderstanding.

COOPER: Senator Clinton, you were involved in that question. I want to give you a chance to respond, 30 seconds.


Well, I think the Democrats are united, as Davis said, and we are united for change. We cannot take another four or eight years of Republican leadership that has been so disastrous for our country.

The Reality: The Democrat led congress has passed nothing more than pay raise for themselves sense they’ve been in office. Rather than paying attention to the matters at hand, they’ve accomplished nothing more than a futile attempt at harrassing the White House for the simple sake of glorifying thier own party. We know Bush is an idiot. However I’ll take a war time Republican over a war time Democrat anyday. At least he’s been fighting for funding the troops whereas congress has been fighting to add pointless withdrawal dates they have been told will be vetoed so why waste the time trying to pass a pointless bill when you could be funding the troups and moving on to other important issues? Wasn’t it Harry Reid that called the war LOST? The Democrats have wasted more time sending memos, forming comittees, and subpeonaing the White House, than anything else. They have yet to actually try and HELP the situation, instead they have convoluted the war with party politics. Call me crazy but no funding the troops 100% of the time is simply UN-AMERICAN and UN-PATRIOTIC. Call me crazy but, the Democrat controlled senate and congress has been a complete disaster, hence Democrat leadership has been….a disaster.


Senator Obama, you were involved in that question as well.


Look, I don’t think this is just a Republican problem. I think this is a problem that spans the parties. And we don’t just need a change in political parties in Washington. We’ve got to have a change in attitudes of those who are representing the people, America.

The Reality: Again I couldn’t have said it better. I’m amazed Obama is the only one with straightforward real answers to the questions. I still don’t see him being elected should he win the Democrats’ Primary, although answers like this could take him closer to the prize. I’m not so sure this guy is a democrat anymore. It would seem Obama isn’t as aligned and united on the Democratic front as Hillary would have us all believe the Democratic candidates supposedly are.

Well that’s enough for one post. Come back tomorrow for another in depth analysis of the debate as Nate and myself will pick apart this thing a little bit at a time. As always, your comments and thoughts are always welcome.

Update by Nate:

For reference, the complete video for the CNN/YouTube debate is available here.