Video: The CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate from South Carolina

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, here is the entire CNN/YouTube debate video from South Carolina:

7/23/07 – CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate from South Carolina

Here’s a bit of post-debate analysis from Copious Dissent:

The CNN YouTube Democratic Debate was the typical liberal panderfest. It also oozed with total support for big government. While I could easily write a book about the absurdity that took place, this editorial may seem more like a stream of consciousness.

For the first time, we really saw who the Democrats are. Anderson Cooper, in my opinion, did an excellent job forcing the liberal Democrats to expose their true intentions. He made sure that all the questions were answered and I commend him for that. Let us take some time to examine some of what was said.

When asked whether any of the politicians would work for minimum wage, all the politicians said they would but Senator Dodd. So, if that is the case, maybe we do not need a minimum wage after all. This was pandering at its worst.

Earlier in the “debate,” John Edwards, with Stalinist zeal, advocated taking the power away from corporations through the use of government force. The scary thing is that the audience applauded. Thank god we have the Constitution of the United States that limits the government’s power; at least it will until Hillary Clinton elects some socialist to the Supreme Court. These politicians are truly scary.

I concur.

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