Mike Bloomberg on the verge of announcing?

I had to create him a category since I’m sure I’ll be discussing him a lot more:

(CBS) NEW YORK Will he or won’t he? In the latest twist to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “I’m-not-running-for-president” campaign, team Bloomberg has fired up a new URL, “mike2008.com.”

Is this just another tease or is the mayor finally telling voters that maybe, just maybe, he will be running for president after all?

The new URL links to his recently re-launched mikebloomberg.com, and sets the stage for a potential launching of a full-blown dedicated presidential campaign Web site. However, the mayor has not made any new announcements about his plans to run.

Yes, visiting Mike2008.com currently forwards to MikeBloomberg.com.

“This site will help you learn more about the issues important to me and the causes I’ve supported in business, philanthropy, and public life,” Bloomberg writes on the home page.

The site promotes issues he has tackled as New York City’s mayor, but also look very much like a presidential platform: improving schools; reforming health care; keeping illegal guns off of our streets; bringing nonpartisan solutions to government; building affordable housing; strengthening the economy; protecting the environment; and reducing poverty.

Sounds like a presidential campaign platform to me. In fact, it’s loftier than Barack Obama’s platform of audacity and excitement.

I loathe Mike Bloomberg, a loathing that prevents me from saying much of anything good. Furthermore, the fact that Giuliani all but appointed him the replacement mayor of New York City sickens me to some extent just short of being physical.

However, here’s what I see as a very real possibility. Perhaps Bloomberg teams up with Ralph Nader who hasn’t ruled out a 2008 bid.

Bloomberg/Nader, the only combo of independents that could actually turn an election. Not turn it towards them mind you, but steal enough Republican or Democratic votes to hand the presidency to someone.