Is John Edwards the ‘sexiest woman alive’?

Yes, yes he is:

A little background:

According to Elizabeth Edwards, Kate Michelman, Rush Limbaugh and, now, what some see as a subliminal message in the cover of the latest issue of Esquire magazine, John Edwards may have the edge.

Last week, Mrs. Edwards was questioning Mrs. Clinton’s femininity, as well as her willingness to champion “women’s issues.”

Mrs. Edwards suggested Mrs. Clinton might be behaving “like a man” because she is trying to assure voters she is “as good as a man.”

Edwards is totally the most feminine man in the 2008 presidential race, no one will argue with that. However, I don’t think that helps him in the general election. Swing voters and independents want someone who will be tough on terrorism but socially liberal perhaps. Hillary is looking like the strongest leader on the Democratic side, excluding Dennis Kucinich. John Edwards is trying to court female voters by becoming a woman. His wife is looking more like the man in the relationship everyday.

All in all, John Edwards is a joke, has always been a joke, and will continue to be a joke. A feminine joke perhaps.