CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate Monday @ 7pm

From the horse’s mouth:

At 7 p.m. ET Monday, the Democratic candidates for president will face questions sent in via YouTube. Then, on September 17, the Republican candidates will participate in the second CNN-YouTube debate.

At CNN, a small group led by led by Senior Vice President David Bohrman and CNN Political Director Sam Feist is looking over the questions.

Bohrman and Feist say they are pleased with the quantity — and the quality — of the questions coming in.

“It tells you that people want to connect with the candidates and they want to personalize them,” Feist said, “and I think that’s what this debate does, personalizes the questions, and it personalizes the answers in a way that journalists don’t.”

This whole thing could be interesting…

“There’s not going to be a foolish, gotcha question because we’re not out there to stump,” Bohrman said. “We’re out there to actually see how people who want to be president think and handle issues and questions and people that are slightly outside of their comfort zones.”

“There are questions that we, the journalists, we, the mainstream media, would never think to ask in the presidential debate,” Bohrman said.

I think these may bring in some decent ratings as it will actually be something different.

You can go here and see all the submitted questions.