Time Magazine Helps Democratic Candidates Find God

Quite a lengthy article from Time:

In this campaign season, if Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards are any measure, there will be nothing unusual in Democrats’ talking about the God who guides them and the beliefs that sustain them. Clinton has hired Burns Strider, a congressional staffer (and evangelical Baptist from Mississippi) who is assembling a faith steering group from major denominations and sends out a weekly wrap-up, Faith, Family and Values. Edwards has been organizing conference calls with progressive religious leaders and is about to embark on a 12-city poverty tour. In the past month alone, Obama’s campaign has run six faith forums in New Hampshire, where local clergy and laypeople discuss religious engagement in politics. “We talk about ways people of faith have gone wrong in the past, what they have done right and where they see it going in the future,” says his faith-outreach adviser, Joshua DuBois. Speeches on everything from the budget to immigration to stem-cell research are carefully marinated in Scripture. “Science is a gift of God to all of us,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during a debate on increased embryo-research funding, “and science has taken us to a place that is biblical in its power to cure.”

That is a small excerpt and I will examine and discuss the entire article later when time permits. However, it’s sure to be something interesting. I think it’s amazing that every election season, liberal Democrats become devout Christians for a few months. They downplay their support for abortion and gay marriage and emphasize their love for causes championing the poor. I’ll never forget when, in 2004, Howard Dean said he supports gay marriage because of his Christianity. That’s like saying I support capitalism because I’m a communist.

More thorough analysis will follow later.