War & Politics…err Peace.

No not the book….As I read the articles on the Republicans jumping ship on the war to the Democrat’s special little planet, I have to wonder….how many Americans are actually not naive and aware enough to see what’s really happening?

Politicians are doing this NOT because they believe in it, NOT because they are following the wishes of their constituency….but because they simply want re-election. They think through the use of pointless polls that we want them to make this decision.

I believe we’ll see less republicans re-elected this coming election more than ever. I believe we’ll see our “accomplished nothing”Congress reach a new all time low. They already have a lower approval rating than even President Bush. I suppose you can thank Harry Reid for that.

How about Cindy Meehan threatening to run against Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi for her seat if she doesn’t bring up impeachment proceedings against President Bush? Democrats sometimes crack me up. Liberalism is becoming a severe mental disorder. Obviously they didn’t learn from Vietnam, that politicians can’t run wars. We have military generals for that.

Do you really want to vote for any politicians anymore? What’s the point?