Obama’s Inexperience Coming to Light (No, really?)

Via AOL News:

NEW YORK (AP) – For Barack Obama, the millions of dollars he’s raised can’t quite paper over the nagging doubts and growing pains.

The Democratic presidential hopeful recently reported raising $32.5 million over three months, a staggering haul that shifted focus from the question of whether the 45-year-old political phenom is ready for prime time.

Well let’s see, a man who makes Hillary’s experience as a First Lady and one-term senator look “thorough” is having problems with inexperience. Go figure.

But in the weeks before his cash totals were disclosed, the Obama campaign hit a series of rough patches that seemed to highlight his relative inexperience on the national stage.

Critics dismissed as somewhat lackluster Obama’s performance in three nationally televised debates. One was a civil rights forum in which Obama, the field’s only black contender, was expected to shine.

The debates proved an effective showcase for rival Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the strong reviews she received helped reinforce her status as the Democrat to beat. The candidates will debate again July 23 in South Carolina.

Yes, Hillary smeared him in all the debates so far. She knows how to answer the tough questions, she’s decisive. Obama is a bit too philosophical and, dare I say, audacious.

An Obama campaign research memo surfaced criticizing Bill and Hillary Clinton’s financial connections to India. The memo fell into the hands of Clinton’s communications team, who promptly shared it with reporters. The snarky tone of the memo – which at one point identified the New York senator as “D-Punjab” – seemed to contradict Obama’s stated commitment to running a positive campaign.

Obama blamed his staff for producing the memo, the third time he’s publicly pointed the finger at employees for campaign mishaps. He then spent most of an Iowa campaign trip distancing himself from the memo and apologizing to his Indian-American supporters.

Damn those staffers! Once again, I find it tremendously difficult to fathom that in a major national presidential campaign that staffers are always to blame.

Luckily for Obama, his supporters don’t seem to care about experience, they just want to elect audaciousness.