John Edwards daring to step foot in second America – Updated

Check this from the The Politico:

John Edwards plans to announce Monday that he’ll take a break from fund-raising and campaigning in early-voting states next week for a three-day, eight-state, 12-city “Road to One America” tour aimed at calling attention to poverty in the deep South, the Mississippi Delta, Appalachia and the Rust Belt. The campaign points out that none of the states he’ll visit has an early 2008 primary, and says Edwards won’t be doing rallies.

I just don’t know how he’s going to survive, I’m genuinely concerned for his hair. I mean, these people he will be visiting will probably be able to relate to a $1,250 haircut, but will they be able to provide one? I just don’t know…

This will be roughing it for Edwards, he’ll be out of his 28,000 square foot home to visit this other place we, for some reason, also call America.

Edwards has been putting a new emphasis on his message of economic fairness as a way to make himself more than the anti-war candidate. He also wants to mop up union endorsements and get more traction among lower-income, working voters without a college education. But he’s so wealthy that he has struggled to mold a populist image.

So wealthy.

This man relates to the “second America” the way I relate to a $1,250 haircut. He’s going to highlight poverty and tell everyone the system is rigged to screw them despite the fact that he came from nothing to be a multi-millionaire on his own merit. However, apparently the rest of us are too stupid to be successful on our own and John Edwards will save us from ourselves.



Edwards has also found another way to relate to 90% of the country:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is expected to name two activists opposed to the giant retailer Wal-Mart Stores Inc. to senior posts on his campaign staff, a campaign official said on Thursday.

Paul Blank, who has worked for Democrat Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign, would take charge of day-to-day Edwards campaign operations, the campaign official said. Chris Kofinis, former adviser to 2004 Democratic presidential hopeful Wesley Clark, would become the Edwards campaign’s communications director.

After careful research and consideration, apparently the Edwards campaign determined that Wal-Mart is the bane of the second America’s existence and must be crushed. Or is it bad for the first America? I just can’t keep them straight. Let John Edwards be your guide to the multiple Americas.

John Edwards. Always out of touch. Always.