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As many of you may have noticed, unless you just happen to be comatose we have become a country divided. I was surfing through the news clips today and of course you can’t but help come across the stories regarding Libby’s now defunct prison term, the possibility of a full pardon, or even the U.S. Congress flooding the White House with requests, investigations, probes and demands for direction of change, explanations and accusations.

Take this article for instance:

White House raps recent flurry of probes

By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer Thu Jul 5, 5:28 PM ET

WASHINGTON – The White House on Thursday pushed back against congressional investigations of the Bush administration and said lawmakers should spend more time passing bills to solve domestic problems.

In a constitutional showdown with Congress, the administration claimed executive privilege and rejected demands for White House documents about the firings of eight U.S. attorneys.

The House and Senate Judiciary committees have set a deadline of 10 a.m. next Monday for the White House to explain its basis for the claim.

The administration has not said when or if it will respond. Spokesman Scott Stanzel said Thursday the White House has received a many requests for information since Democrats took control of Congress in January and has turned over 200,000 pages of documents.

“They’ve launched over 300 investigations, had over 350 requests for documents and interviews and they have had over 600 oversight hearings in just about 100 days,” Stanzel said.

Democrats were dubious of the figures but did not offer their own.

“His numbers are as faulty as the intelligence they used to make their case for war,” said Jim Manley, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

“In the last six years, all they’ve had is a rubber-stamp Congress. Since January, Democrats have demanded accountability, a change of course and transparency,” Manley said.

Stanzel said he arrived at the numbers by canvassing departments and agencies about the number of inquires and investigations initiated by Congress since the Democrats took control.

Stanzel said Congress has “a lot to show in terms of activity and requests and letter-writing, and that sort of thing, but not much to show in the way of real legislation.”

You know I have to agree…..regardless of which side thinks they are wrong or right…..I see nothing but a continuous witch hunt and no legislation taking place at all. So I suppose in the Democratic party’s quest to attempt to try the entire Republican Party for treason, they have made themselves a lame duck congress, completely forgetting about We The People, all the while proclaiming to speak For The People. More like For The Party. That’s all it really is. Nevermind tackling the issues at hand and passing the CORRECT legislation to handle the immigration problem. Check this story out:

U.S. Unable to Deport Most Illegal Immigrants Who Commit Crimes
Jeff Bliss Fri Jul 6, 12:06 AM ET
July 6 (Bloomberg) — Ezeiquiel Lopez already had a rap sheet that stretched all the way to Texas when, police said, he shot Kenosha County, Wisconsin, Deputy Sheriff Frank Fabiano in the head, killing him.
Lopez, 45, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, was free at the time of the May shooting, after having been jailed for two prior violent crimes. By law, he should have been deported, but federal immigration authorities didn’t know he had been in custody, and state and local police didn’t tell them.
The case isn’t an exception. Fewer than half the foreigners convicted of crimes in the U.S. — most of whom are in the country illegally — are deported after serving their sentences, according to the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general.

Which confirms as I stated in my previous complaintabout illegal immigrants, we’re paying for it in more ways than you think. Who do you think foots the bill while they sit out a prison term BEFORE they get deported IF they get deported at all? The American Tax Payer.

 Let’s just ignore it and try to persecute the other party. They’re so busy fighting EACH OTHER that NONE of them has a clue what’s goin on in Iraq. The prosecution of Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani pretty much proves that. Read for yourself:

Marine officer under fire gets support on 2 fronts
General backs up Haditha commander – and so does talk-host Michael Savage

Posted: June 28, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern

© 2007

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani

A Marine officer on trial for failing to investigate alleged war crimes in Haditha is getting support on two fronts.

Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani did, in fact, brief his higher-ups on the pitched battle that pitted U.S. Marines against terrorists in the Iraqi village Nov. 19, 2005, said Maj. Gen. Richard Huck in a military version of a preliminary hearing in the case.

Chessani was brought up on military charges after Time magazine accused Marines of “massacring” civilians in the firefight in Haditha. Later, Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., publicly accused Marine officers of a “cover-up.”

On that day, Rooney said, Marines came under an attack that included both gunfire and explosives. One Marine in a Humvee was killed and two more were injured, and the resulting house-to-house battle between the outnumbered 4-man Marine “fire team” and the insurgents resulted in 24 Iraqi deaths, including 15 civilians.

After the attack, two insurgents were tracked by aerial drones. One of those insurgents was followed to another part of town, where he took part in another battle with Marines, the testimony said.

“This was a real battle, there wasn’t some phantom menace,” Rooney said. “There were real terrorists in that town.’

He said the second suspect monitored by the Marines fled from the first confrontation, and went into a home. A short time later he came out, with different clothing and carrying a baby.

Rooney said the testimony also included confirmation from Huck that he was briefed immediately on the firefights and bombings that left some civilians dead along with the insurgents. Such civilian deaths sometimes are inevitable, especially in locations such as Haditha, where terrorists had set up bases in a school, a mosque, and a hospital to be used to attack U.S. forces, testimony said.

“We were able to show that the Marines reacted the way they were trained, the way they were supposed to react,” Rooney said.

Eight Marines were originally accused in connection with the battle. Charges filed against Capt. Randy Stone have already been dismissed. Prosecutors said the government did not meet the burden of probable cause in his case.

Another defendant, Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, also has had his Article 32 hearing, the military’s version of a preliminary hearing, at which the judge noted the prosecution’s arguments didn’t seem to be supported by the evidence, even though he has not made a formal determination.

The tragedy, Rooney said, is that Chessani has been sidelined from his work in the war against terror by the allegations, at a time when his leadership could be used well in the battle.

Richard Thompson, president of the center said, “Because of them [terrorists] one of the most effective Marine combat commanders in Iraq has been eliminated by his own government.”

The Thomas More Law Center said Chessani is described by fellow officers as a focused, hands-on commander who followed the Law of War and was sympathetic to the plight of innocent Iraqis. He is a committed Christian with a wife and five children, and has served his nation honorably for more than 19 years with tours of duty in Panama, the first Persian Gulf War and three tours in Iraq.

Cases still are pending against Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich; Sgt. Sanick P Dela Cruz; Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum; 1st Lt. Andrew Grayson and Capt. Lucas McConnell.

Thomas More Law Center officials are still raising funds for their battles on Chessani’s behalf. They say the reasonable costs of the case – to date – have reached about $325,000 and almost $200,000 has been donated for the cause. A big bump in support came when radio talk-show host Michael Savage added his voice to those concerned about justice.

On his website, he’s linked a Charlotte Conservative News report detailing how the “Time” article was based on information from known insurgents.

There, writer Michael Kraft said the Time sources “were known insurgent propagandists and it was [that report] that created the Haditha massacre hoax.”

Rooney said not only had Savage personally contributed money but had his audience, adding significantly to the resources available.

Savage told his listening audience Monday he would devote whatever time and resources are necessary to clearing Chessani and then pursuing those who have “persecuted” him. He pledged Tuesday to hold a fund-raiser for the Chessani family once he is cleared.

“We have come a long way from the scandalous remarks of Congressman John Murtha and the yellow journalism of Tim McGirk and Time Magazine,” said the law center’s recent update on the case. “The truth of November 19, 2005, is finally coming out. The support of people like yourselves has in no small way allowed this to occur. We at the Thomas More Law Center have been able to put forward such a robust case because of prayers and contributions you have given to us for Lt. Col. Chessani.”

Sorry if that was a little long but I wanted you to get the full effect of the story. The ever increasing divide in our country is just absolutely astounding to me and I have to place the majority of the blame on politicians. They no longer do what we elect them to do. The most legislation they pass without argument these days, is for raises to their own salaries. I know Nate already discussed the Libby/Clinton Pardon story but I want to include this to round out my point:

By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent
2 hours, 10 minutes ago

White House criticizes Clintons on Libby

WASHINGTON – The White House on Thursday made fun of former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, for criticizing President Bush’s decision to erase the prison sentence of former aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby.

“I don’t know what Arkansan is for chutzpah, but this is a gigantic case of it,” presidential spokesman Tony Snow said.

In his commutation decision, Bush left a $250,000 fine. Libby paid the fine on Thursday.

Libby’s friends and supporters have raised more than $5 million to cover legal fees and were continuing to raise money but Libby paid the fine himself, according to someone close to the fund who spoke on condition of anonymity because details of the account are private. The cashiers check filed with the court was issued in Libby’s name.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has scheduled hearings Wednesday on Bush’s commutation of Libby’s 2 1/2-year sentence.

“Well, fine, knock himself out,” Snow said of Conyers. “I mean, perfectly happy. And while he’s at it, why doesn’t he look at January 20th, 2001?”

In the closing hours of his presidency, Clinton pardoned 140 people, including fugitive financier Marc Rich.

Conyers said the hearings would include pardons made by Clinton, former President Bush and possibly other past presidents. “We won’t need to review each and every one of them, but the whole idea is to examine to what use this part of our criminal law is being put and whether it’s being used adequately or are their other changes necessary,” Conyers told Fox News Radio.

President Clinton tried to draw a distinction between the pardons he granted and Bush’s decision to commute Libby’s 30-month sentence in the CIA leak case.

“I think there are guidelines for what happens when somebody is convicted,” Clinton told a radio interviewer Tuesday. “You’ve got to understand, this is consistent with their philosophy; they believe that they should be able to do what they want to do, and that the law is a minor obstacle.”

Never mind that Bill Clinton pardoned two of his own family members; being his cousin and his brother Roger. Never mind he pardoned convicted felons that were sentenced for everything from drugs to money laundering and fraud. Never mind he pardoned Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, friends of Hilary’s brother Tony. Never mind the pardons he issued for the FALN group of Puerto Rican criminal terrorists or the fact that Hillary was elected to senator in a state that is home to some 1.3 million Puerto Ricans. Investigations were launched by congress in attempt to find merit for the pardons, and could not, thus reversing the pardons.

“Congressional efforts to learn more about the FALN matter came to an end when Clinton invoked executive privilege to refuse subpoenas from congressional committees.”

Sound familiar oh ye wise Democratic controlled Congress? And Democratic candidates are condemning Libby’s commuted sentence? Pffft.

Slick Willy lied to the American people about cheating on the wife he now backs in her presidential campaign. And he actually has the nerve to call Bush a crony….I don’t agree with everything Bush does, in fact I think as a speaker he outright sucks, he may be a little slow on the draw, but a crony? C’mon Bill, really, you were the biggest crook since Nixon, you got yourself impeached by Congress for pete’s sake. Can we say White Water? So I guess this constant ongoing congressional battle against the White House must be some sort of revenge tactic.

Addition by Nate @ 2:09am:

Here’s a full list of Clinton’s abysmal pardons from the Department of Justice:

President Clinton’s Pardons, January 2001

Look at all the offenses:

Tax evasion, importation of cocaine, fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, embezzlement, distribution of methamphetamine, the list goes on and on of convicted felons being pardoned. Examine the record for yourself and then explain to me how the Clinton’s have the audacity to criticize Bush for Libby’s clemency? It’s not EVEN A PARDON!

Anyhow, to really drive my point home, if you don’t believe that this is affecting us and how we treat each other, I have this last article for you.

July 5th, 2007

CLEVELAND — A neighbor apparently angry about fireworks at a noisy Fourth of July party shot three people to death early Thursday and wounded two others, police said.

Terrance Hough Jr., a 35-year-old off-duty firefighter, was arrested in connection with the shootings, police spokesman Lt. Thomas Stacho said.

No charges had been filed Thursday morning because police were still gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses, Stacho said. There was no phone listing for Hough’s address.

Police had received a number of complaints in recent years about loud parties, fireworks and drag racing connected to the house where the victims were shot, Stacho said. Some complaint calls came from Hough’s address, but no one called police about the party Thursday night.

The neighbors were throwing a party when two men and a woman, all in their 20s, were shot to death shortly after midnight, Stacho said. He said another man was shot in the elbow and a woman was wounded in the hand.

A police officer who lives nearby heard the shooting and arrested Hough, Stacho said. He said a handgun believed to have been used in the shootings was among a dozen guns found at the home.

The area of neat ranch homes overlooking the industrial Cuyahoga River valley is popular among firefighters and police officers who are required to live in the city.

Near Seattle , another man was shot during an argument at a fireworks celebration and died after aid workers trying to help him felt threatened by a hostile crowd, authorities said.

More than 100 people were present when the two men began arguing around 11:30 p.m. Wednesday in a parking lot in Skyway, an unincorporated area between Seattle and Renton, Wash. Paramedics called after the shooting found the crowd so threatening, they had to quickly take the wounded man out to continue CPR, said David Nelson, a spokesman for county Fire District 20.

Sheriff’s Detective Bob L. Conner said it was unclear whether moving the man before continuing CPR was a factor in his death. King County sheriff’s deputies were searching for the suspect.

Forget Democrats…..Forget Republicans…..Remember who you are and remind your politicians who they are. WE DO HAVE A VOICE. It’s high time we use it and we have no one but ourselves to blame for letting this senselessness continue. We can fire these politicians just as easy as we elected them. IT’S OUR RIGHT. We don’t have to continue to elect complete dumb asses to office just because it seems like they are the best candidate of the particular party you normally support. That guy might not be the right guy to do the job so let’s start making some sensible selections and get the right people in office, not the right party,because folks…..there isn’t one, the only thing to be now is An American.

Thank you Liberal Mass Media for proving my point:

Much of US favors Bush impeachment: poll Fri Jul 6, 6:59 PM ETWASHINGTON (AFP) – Nearly half of the US public wants President George W. Bush to face impeachment, and even more favor that fate for Vice President Dick Cheney according to a poll out Friday.The survey by the American Research Group found that 45 percent support the US House of Representatives beginning impeachment proceedings against Bush, with 46 percent opposed, and a 54-40 split in favor when it comes to Cheney. The study by the private New Hampshire-based ARG canvassed 1,100 Americans by telephone July 3-5 and had an error margin of plus or minus three percentage points. The findings are available on ARG’s Internet site. The White House declined to comment on the poll, the latest bad news for a president who has seen his public opinion standings dragged to record lows by the unpopular war in Iraq. The US Constitution says presidents and vice presidents can be impeached — that is, formally charged by the House — for “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” by a simple majority vote. Conviction by the Senate, which requires a two-thirds majority, means removal from office. Just two US presidents have been impeached: Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 and acquitted in 1999; Andrew Johnson was impeached and acquitted in 1868. Disgraced president Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 when a House impeachment vote appeared likely. In late April, left-wing Representative Dennis Kucinich, a long-shot Democratic presidential hopeful, introduced a resolution calling for Cheney’s impeachment. To date, the measure has nine listed co-sponsors and a 10th set to sign on when the House returns to work next week. But Democratic leaders appear unlikely to pursue such a course.

This is what I’m talking about. A country devided. Notice WHERE the poll was conducted from? Scroll up and look at the highlighted location. Notice the TITLE. MUCH of US ? What you’re seeing here is a spin on the story. Liberal most obviously, the title of the story tells the tale.If you are a liberal and reading this and disagree, you are blind, uneducated and argumentative. I can’t even believe the author of this story would choose that title……..Sorry jackass but a private poll conducted by a private northeastern company does NOT speak for anywhere NEAR much of the U.S. Ya see these types of crap ass media stories are liberally slanted to persuade you into buying into the liberal way of thought, rather than the AMERICAN way of thought. A true American way of thought wouldn’t want this kinda of trash brought before the world media.

You people need to really understand that the owners of these companies have thier own political affiliations and they are going produce results to thier own likings. Then the media is going to run with it depending on what media outlet it is, bend it to thier desire as well. So we have a story that starts out with a private company conducting a poll amongst God knows WHO on the other end of the phone and publishing these results as part of a political agenda. Then to put the cherry on top a liberal media reporter decides to cap it off with a revoltingly false headline saying that the majority of the U.S. wants Bush impeached and I’m telling you this just isn’t so. Anyone with half a brain knows better. Much of us don’t agree with the ways Bush has handled everything, but for the most part I know most people could care one way or the other whether or not he should be impeached simply because his presidency is comming to an end anyway. It just doesn’t matter anymore.

DO NOT LET THE MEDIA INFLUENCE YOUR OPINIONS OF PEOPLE, JUDGE THEM FOR YOURSELF. VOTE FOR WHO YOU BELIEVE IN, NOT WHO THE MEDIA BELIEVES IN. The media is a monster that has taken a life of it’s own raping the constitutional rights to freedom of speach, freedom of expression and freedom of press. I wish people would be smart enough to know that every single media conglomerate has owners or an individual owner or board and they all have thier own opinions and political influences that determine the slant of the stories they write and produce.

If you remember earlier I said politicians were mostly to blame for the diretion we’ve turned our country into? The media is the other half of that. We’re trying to conduct top secret stealth missions into Afghanistan and low n behold a CNN or Fox reporter inbedded in the field is giving away the entire operation, location and identity of the operatives. Both Liberal and Conservative media outlets just PISS ME OFF. I can’t stand the mass media. Slanted Slanted Slanted. Does anyone else educated not find it humorous that a Democratic presidential candidate hopefull is the one responsible for trying to impeach the current Republican Party President? Be an American, not mindless, easily influenced sheep of the media. I realize this is only an example of Liberally influenced media, but mark my words, I’d equally post and evaluate a Conservative slanted one as well.Educate yourself on the candidates and vote wisely, YOU DECIDE.

– The Angry American, with contributions and editing from Nate.