Clintons Push for Another Four Years

This is funny:

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) – The force dubbed “Billary”—the duo of former President Clinton and his leading Democratic candidate wife—argued on Tuesday for a third term in the White House, telling Iowa voters a return to the Clinton years is the best remedy for the Bush era.

“Yesterday’s news was pretty good,” said Bill Clinton, referring to his time in office and taking a jab at critics who call the former first couple old news.

In a joint appearance, the Clintons sought to give Hillary Rodham Clinton the advantages of quasi-incumbency while portraying her as an agent of change. It’s a difficult balance in Iowa, site of the first caucus and where Sen. Clinton faces a tough challenge from two fresher faces: Barack Obama and John Edwards.

Clearly Bill’s being brought in for the “likability factor” since many voters don’t seem to care much for Hillary.

Her husband reminded the crowd of a couple of thousand at the University of Iowa of the economic prosperity during his two terms and ticked off a list of accomplishments on the environment, college aid and establishment of the Family and Medical Leave Act.

In other words, “Her husband reminded the crowd that Hillary wouldn’t be running the country on her own, he would be there too!”

Just imagine: