McCain forced to fire 50 staffers

Breitbart brings the info:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republican John McCain reorganized his campaign Monday, cutting staff in every department as he raised just $11.2 million in the last three months and reported an abysmal $2 million cash on hand for his presidential bid.

“We confronted reality and we dealt with it in the best way that we could so that we could move forward,” Terry Nelson, McCain’s campaign manager, said.

Once considered the front-runner for the GOP nomination, McCain trails top Republican rivals in money and polls.

Some 50 staffers or more are being let go, and senior aides will be subject to pay cuts as the Arizona senator bows to six months of subpar fundraising, according to officials with knowledge of the details of the shake up.

John McAmnesty.

The campaign said it was seriously considering taking public matching funds, which Nelson said would amount to about $6 million. He said the campaign made “incorrect assumptions” about its fundraising ability.

“Incorrect assumptions” is code for John McCain supported a fraudulent amnesty bill and killed his fundraising ability.

His popularity among Republicans has dropped since the start of the year. He has become intimately linked to the unpopular Iraq war, and, in recent weeks, he’s drawn criticism from already wary conservatives for his support of Bush’s immigration reform bill. He declined to participate in an early test of organizational muscle in the leadoff state of Iowa this summer, and, he’s fighting the perception that he’s yesterday’s candidate.

Once again, I disagree with the notion that it’s McCain’s support for the Iraq war which led to his declining popularity. Giuliani, Romney, and Thompson all support the Iraq war and they doing just swimmingly. McCain’s problem is McCain. He’s got too many Kennedy’s and Feingold’s attached to his legislation. He’s a weak Republican at best. Also, his abysmal record on immigration doesn’t help him either. Remember, he supported the law requiring free health care for illegal aliens in Arizona. He’s totally out of touch on this issue. His support for the Iraq war is probably one of the few things that has gotten him more support among Republicans.

My prediction is this: One more quarter with similar results and he may just be dropping out by September.

Update from the Angry American: I dunno why retarded politicians continue to blow millions of dollars on a hopeless cause….John your finished…you have NO chance. Stop while your ahead, don’t waste the money…donate it to some sort of charitable cause, give it back, whatever, but for pete’s sake don’t waste the friggin money pal. Like a fat kid playin’ dodgeball,you’re out.