Democrats rake in the cash, hand over fist

First story from The Politico:

Senator Barack Obama scored a clean win in the second round of the money race, raising about $5 million more than Senator Hillary Clinton in the last three months.

Obama’s campaign said he raised about $32.5 million in the second quarter, about $31 million of it in the smaller quantities available for use in the Democratic primary. Clinton’s spokesman, Howard Wolfson, informed supporters Friday that her campaign expected to raise about $27 million in the same period.

Obama’s for wider support from more individuals. Hillary, still to this point, seems to be stuck with some deep pockets of Clinton mainstays.

Equally impressive, Obama has signed up more than 258,000 individual donors since he launched his campaign in February.

That is impressive. However, it speaks to what I’ve been saying about the Democrats having already picked their candidates, Obama and Hillary. Republicans are still largely on the fence, keeping the checkbooks pretty tight.

Finally, that fraudulent Edwards character:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Democrat John Edwards raised more than $9 million from April through June for his presidential campaign and relied on nearly 100,000 donors during the first half of the year.

The fundraising total met the campaign’s stated goal but was about $5 million less than what he took in during the first three months of the year. The campaign has said it is on track to raise $40 million by the Iowa caucuses in January.

Edwards remained a distant third in Democratic presidential fundraising to Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois.

Edwards should be thanking Ann Coulter for a good portion of that $10 mil. I received about 5 or 6 emails over the past few days consisting of this:


This is sad to me. I’m more impressed with Obama’s ability to raise money the legitimate way. As in, he’s simply attracting Democratic voters through this views and charisma. Edwards is basically using Ann Coulter as an ATM, hoping she will mention his name again so they can take a 5 second clip, email it around, and bank the donations. Coulter has mentioned Obama and Clinton numerous times yet they refuse to give her more publicity, which from their standpoint is the right move. Edwards is way below that.