Fred Thompson takes New Hampshire by storm

Or does he? See for yourself:

Totally thumbing his nose at the gun control advocates like Giuliani. I had speculated that perhaps his down-home ways would not sway the New England voters. However, Fred knows how to appeal to the “Live free, or die!” state. Visit the gun store!

Here’s the New Hampshire Union Leader’s view of things:

BEDFORD – Hinting strongly at a Presidential run, Fred Thompson last night urged Republicans to lead the country by returning to their founding principles and renewing their commitment to small government, individual freedom and free trade.

Hundreds of potential supporters and dozens of journalists flocked to a Republican state Senate fundraiser at the Wayfarer Convention Center to learn more about a man most recognizable for his role as District Attorney Arthur Branch on NBC’s Law & Order and his appearances in more than 18 films over the past two decades.

Sounds like he’s very appealing to them:

Last night marked his first visit to New Hampshire as a potential Presidential candidate, and Thompson gave every indication short of an official announcement that he intended to run.

“I don’t have any big announcements to make tonight, but I plan on seeing a whole lot more of you, how ’bout that?” Thompson said.

His brief appearance was praised by a number of Republican Party members who said afterward that Thompson had the makings of a great communicator.

“He’s my guy,” said state Rep. Connie Soucy, a Republican from Manchester. “He’s our next Reagan. I want him to be tough. I want him to be able to say ‘no.'”

Ray Chadwick, vice president of the Bedford Republican Committee, on the other hand, said he was not ready to support any one candidate but was enthused Thompson might enter the race, giving Republicans a wide selection of Presidential hopefuls.

“People are desperate for something new,” said Matt St. John, a student at St. Anselm College. “Right now, he is the Barack Obama of our side.”

Being the “next Reagan” is some big shoes to fill.

What’s most impressive is that he’s showed well in South Carolina and New Hampshire. Most candidates, like Edwards or Giuliani, are focusing only on certain parts of the country.