Fred Thompson’s trip to South Carolina

From Newsweek/MSNBC:

June 28, 2007 – Fred Thompson isn’t officially a candidate for president, but he might as well be. The pomp and circumstance accompanying his highly publicized visit to South Carolina on Wednesday—home of the “first-in-the-South” presidential primary—followed just the script you’d expect from a onetime Hollywood actor turned White House hopeful.

Reporters looking for the Clarion Hotel where Thompson was set to speak at a $50-a- head luncheon didn’t have to look hard. His soon-to-be GOP rivals had blanketed nearly every vacant corner near the hotel with their own campaign signs—as though warning Thompson that he was walking into a fight. Across the street from the hotel’s entrance, there were 33 John McCain signs alone, ranging in size from small to gigantic. The reminders of his rivals weren’t limited to real estate. Every few minutes, a Ron Paul supporter drove by, with signs touting the Texas congressman’s campaign taped to each side of his car.

Here’s a news report on Thompson’s South Carolina visit:

The non-outsider.

Thompson’s speech was littered with his trademark down-home talk. He said he didn’t buy talk from President Bush and other immigration reformers that the current bill will crack down on border security. “The dog isn’t eating the dog food,” he said. The audience ate it up.

His down-home talk is sure to sell in the south, but will it sell in the north? Thompson has an upcoming trip to New Hampshire where it will be interesting to see what kind of reception he gets.

Will New Hampshire apply the FredOn?

At least he’s got Bruce Willis’ blessing.