Illegal Aliens and why you shouldn’t vote down party lines.

I sat and listend to the news this morning on my radio while driving to work. Local news that is….. the Mississippi Gulf Coast to be exact.  An illegal mexican immigrant had murdered his wife, and then driven to the parking garage of a local casino and jumped…..commiting suicide. His wife was caucasian American. I suspect the marriage would have had to have been a sham being that he was in fact an illegal.

Shortly after the regional news talk radio came on. I’m sure you all know the likes of Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Tom Schnitt etc…. anyhow I can’t remember which one of these shows I was listening to, I believe it was Glenn Beck. At any rate, the conversation topic was of course illegal immigration and the fact that our congressmen and senators were trying to pass legislation that gives the immigrants already here, legal status. Correct me if I’m wrong but since when did the American people agree to this? What happened to fair and equal representation? Ya know, the thing the British colonies revolted against the king over when they decided to form thier own union?

You would think by this point I would be pretty ticked right? Nah this is where I’m just getting started. You see, when I get to work there’s a local newspaper in the office and the front page is plastered with a story about an illegal immigrant who was driving a vehicle with his wife and kid in the car and pulled out in front of an American couple on a motorcycle, who was being followed ironically by thier son. The couple is instantly killed and the illegals jump from the truck and haul ass. Eventually later int he day they are caught because they were identified by the deceased couple’s son.

 So now I sit and think to myself……my tax dollars are paying to house an illegal immigrant in the county jail awaiting charges for causing vehicular manslaughter, and felony leaving the scene of an accident. My tax dollars are now feeding and clothing this unwanted illegal immigrant. Why was he not either shot in the head immediately or deported back to where he came from, minus a few limbs or something? Why am I paying for illegal immigrants to come here and break the law, all the while being welcomed in by a goverment I helped to elect, that itself refuses to listen to me and my fellow legal citizen voters that put them into office?

Senator Trent Lott (R) Mississippi today voted no on cloture for the impending illegal immigration bill, which means he wants it to be heard and taken into consideration. This tells me my elected official isn’t listening to me. Senator Thad Cochran (R) Mississippi, on the other hand voted for cloture, meaning he didn’t want the measure even taken into consideration. Wow….a politician actually listened to his constituency.

Here’s the bottom line folks : There are some serious problems in both political parties and for anyone to takes sides right now is absolutely and irrevocably preposterous. VOTE FOR THE POLITICIANS THAT ARE GOING TO STAND FOR THE CORRECT DIRECTION TO STEER OUR COUNTRY INTO. As it stands right now the congress holds a lower percentage of confidence than President Bush.  For those of you that need it spelled out, THAT’S REALLY BAD.  This means even the democrats aren’t happy with thier elected officials and right now they hold the majority.  This means we have to start voting responsibly and not for the guy that happens to be running for the party you usually favor. We as a people have to take our country back from wayward politicians and stand our ground. We have to elect officials into office who are actually going to listen us. Is this at all possible? These days I’m not so sure. 

 Right now our goverment is trying to hold certain military officers accountable for doing jobs they were sent and ordered to do. And we aren’t talking about murder, rape, or mass genocide. We’re talking about guys with spotless records being used as fall guys so they can pet themselves on the back and say”Job well done” They think they are trying to appease the American Public and the world opinion at large when in actuallity they are so far removed from global and american opinion, that they have no clue what they are doing. They’re running amuck in our house and it’s time they get evicted.

Again i think a nationwide NO VOTE camapaign should be started, maybe then the officials already in office will come to realize how much of a bad situation they are creating and how fas tthey are sinking our ship. I can’t imagine the chaos could get any worse than it’s becomming right now. So… closing….anyone wanna join my new AMERICAN PARTY? Ya know a party that’s for people that actually give a damn about the country we live in as opposed to the other planet our elected politicians live on?

Can I get an Amen?