Poll: young voters favor Obama or Clinton

From CBS News:

(CBS) Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are the favored presidential candidates of younger Americans, according to a poll conducted by CBS News, The New York Times and MTV.

Eighteen percent say they’re enthusiastic about Obama and 17 percent are enthusiastic about Clinton – far more than say the same about Republicans Rudy Giuliani (4 percent), Mitt Romney (2 percent) and potential candidate Fred Thompson (2 percent).

However, what the poll neglected to ask was whether or not those being polled knew the name of the current Vice President, which probably would have been about 25% saying Dick Cheney, the other 75% would have not a clue. Thus the support for Obama and Clinton makes sense.

Even 8 percent of GOP primary voters are excited about Obama – more than Thompson (7 percent) and John McCain (2 percent). Thirteen percent of Republicans say they’re enthusiastic about Giuliani.

Why is this man exciting? What does it mean to be “excited about Obama”? Can someone explain that to me?