Democrats fear Fred Thompson

From The Politico:

Even before his expected July announcement, Fred Thompson’s all-but-declared entry into the Republican presidential stakes has prompted the Democratic National Committee to attack him as a potential GOP front-runner and to use his prospective candidacy to raise money.

Democratic strategists say Thompson’s populist style and show-biz allure could prove extremely appealing in a general election at a time when voters are so down on Washington. So the party has launched a preemptive campaign against him that includes a DNC fundraising e-mail branding Thompson, “The inside-outsider.”

And…? That’s it? He’s done some lobbying and that’s going to take him down?

The DNC is preparing expensive postal mailings to follow up on the e-mails targeting Thompson, party sources said.

Another DNC research report sketches likely lines of attack on Thompson: “reliable supporter, defender of President Bush,” “staunch supporter of Scooter Libby,” “key role in Bush Supreme Court nominations,” “already has a flip-flop problem,” “ill-equipped for the campaign,” “a thin Senate record, questions of ‘work ethic’, ” “controversial legal clients may cause problems,” “lobbying careers full of land mines.”

Working to influence news coverage, the DNC also recently began circulating a “research document” with the headline, “MAJOR LEGISLATIVE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF SEN. FRED DALTON THOMPSON (1994-2002).” Then the page is blank until the line, “Paid for by the Democratic National Committee.”

I don’t doubt that painting Thompson with the George Bush brush will harm him somewhat with independents, maybe some moderate Dems perhaps. The question will be, can Fred articulately respond to these charges in a way that will pacify them? Honestly, I think the DNC is shooting too quick here. I’d be saving most of my ammo for much later in the year.

Do you smell that? Fear.


Do Democrats really want to compare Barack Obama’s nothing record to Thompson’s lengthy experience? I think not. So Thompson thinks Libby should be pardoned? Perhaps Sandy Berger can set the record straight for Democrats. Seriously, those with intrinsically thin glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Sandy Berger stole classified documents in his pants and the Democrats say nothing. Thompson supports Libby, and they are all over him. Fear.