Yeah…. I’m back….and with a vengeance.

Lately I’ve been a little bit busy and it’s given me a chance to take somewhat of a sabbatical from posting and to really listen in on the things that are going on and how people feel about it. I have to say the Angry American is a little bit pissed. I’ve been listening to and watching every pollitical based talk show available in my area. I’ve listened to the Schnitt Show, the Savage Nation, (Micheal Savage won a freedom of speach award, by the way, that was censored on C-Span……things that make you go hmmmmmm),  Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and even whatsis douchebag on CNN, Anderson Cooper aka the world’s largest socialist communist asshole.

What happen to standing behind our country?  Now we stand…somewhere else. I’m not sure where. Politicians don’t listen to us anymore at all. What happened to equal representation? What happened to representation at all? Who in the hell are they representing? Not me, I know that for sure. Is ther eanybody out there can really honestly say, they they feel they are being represented honestly and fairly by the U.S. government, or by thier elected senator or congressman? Anyways on to other aggrivations…

 This whole border thing has me aggrivated for one. It just doesn’t make sense to me to let illegal immigrants cross into our country and demand citizenship. What in the hell are our lawmakers thinking wanting to grant them amnesty because they are already here? If you and I break a law we pay the price or go to jail, whatever the punishment we have to serve it out. However illegal immigrants can break our laws, enter our country illegaly, draw social security, go to highschool and now they want to grant them amnesty? Get the hell out of my country. PERIOD. This is what the american people are saying. We have worked to hard for too long to let illegals push thier way in and steal our social security. Steal our way of life. Break our laws and be granted amnesty rather than punished. The government just tried to pass a bill that had maybe 20% support from our entire country. POLITICIANS TAKE NOTE: WE DON’T WANT ILLEGALS IN OUR COUNTRY BREAKING OUR LAWS AND NOT PAYING THE PRICE. STOP TRYING TO PASS LAWS ALLOWING THEM TO CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE LAW.

The next time a murderer goes to death row maybe we should all petition senate and congress for his clemency seeing as they want to give non citizens a break, why not a citizen who actually commited a crime. They dont’ have to follow the law, so why should we? Why sentence murderes to life or death if we can’t force ILLLEGAL immigrants out of our damn country and back across the border where they belong? I DON’T GIVE A DAMN WHAT THEY SAY, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT HERE, WHY ARE WE TRYING TO APPEASE THEM? KICK THEM OUT, SEND THEM HOME, THEY ARE THIER OWN GOVERNMENT’S PROBLEM NOT OURS. IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED LATELY WE HAVE ENOUGH OF OUR OWN DAMN PROBLEMS, WHY ARE WE INHERRITING THE PROBLEMS OF OTHER COUNTRIES WILLINGLY?

Then there’s the whole Joint Chiefs of Staff issue. All of a sudden we’re replacing our chairman, who, by the way was labled as incompetant by senate majority leader (D) Harry Reid. Who the hell is Harry Reid? Who is Harry Reid to say what is incompetant? Harry Reid is INCOMPETANT. In the face of war, he wants to punk down the man in charge and send out a defeatest signal to the troups in Iraq. Where in the hell is the logic in this? Where has patriotism gone? You don’t call the leader of the military forces in the midst of war incompetant. All your accomplishing is underminging the entire effort and cause of every soldier there and every soldier that has died and given his life for this country. In the days of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Harry Reid would be tried for treason. Harry Reid has an approval rating of 30 and less %…..and this jack off is the Senate majority leader? Doesn’t this make you people question who we are electing into office and why? I for one am sick and tired of paying taxes so that we may pay the salary of jack ass politicians that don’t represent the will of the American people. I pay taxes that pay your salary, I cast votes that elects you to your position, you damn well better remember that and represent me. I am your constituent. Stop wasting my valuable time, tax money and resources on a bullshit pointless political career where you will accomplish nothing because you are too busy playing partisan politics. STOP WAISTING MY TAX DOLLARS AND VOTES.

 Next I have to address the Senate and Congress in general. What the in the wide wild world of sports are you morons doing?  You’re squabling over dumb pointless arguments. You’re splitting a nation. Instead of adressing and handling the issues at hand, we’re to busy playing partisan politics. We’re too busy ripping the country in half and fighting each other. Republican vs. Democrat. Let’s cornhole the President. You have any idea how few countries actually allow people to demean their leader as much as we do? Yeah it’s that great thing called Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression. Unfortunately those rights have been raped, molested, whored out and abused to the point we can’t make a distinction anymore what’s allowed and what isn’t anymore without judicial intervention. In many countries, the mere thought of talking bad about your country’s great leader when mean a lifetime of hardship. But not here……here we can use the media to destroy virtually anybody.

 I for one, have had enough of this bullshit. (Excuse my strong language) When are our politicians going to listen to us, why in the crap are we electing morons who are going to capitol hill pretending to represent us? When are we, the American people, going stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Stop squabling over political affiliation and just solve the damn problems. Stop adding to them by making every single little thing a political standpoint. Do what in the hell you were elected to do. REPRESENT.

I’m done being a republican or a democrat or an independant…..damn it I’m an American and there isn’t a single soul representing my party…..  When the idiots are done playing republican and democrat, I hope they come back down to the real world of the American, and start listening to what we want. It’s enough to make me not want to vote….. in fact I think it would speak volumes if people nation wide took a stand and didn’t vote at all, maybe then the rediculous politicians would realize….they’ve forgotten who elected them, and who they represent. They remind me of schoolyard children….who’s popular and who isn’t.

Basically we have a flawed republican government that tried to do things they thought were best, and din’t work out. And as per politics go, the other party has done thier ultimate best in exploiting the situation. rather than working WITH the party in charge, they did nothing but EXPLOIT the failures of the current party in power, in order to benefit thier own party. Ok, so that means they don’t care about us anymore, all they care about is party affiliation, ellections and themselves.  It doesn’t matter what party is in power people…. this is ALWAYS,ALWAYS, ALWAYS, GOING TO BE THE SCENARIO. SO MY QUESTION IS WHEN THE HELL ARE WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE GOING TO WAKE UP AND ALL COME TO THIS SAME CONCLUSION AND REALIZE THIS? Seriously, what are you people all waiting on, why are you not questioning the behavior of the people we’re electing? I don’t get it…… Do you honestly think the democrats are trying to accomplish anything right now? No, all they want to do is undermind the republicans and stall as many republican bills and processes as possible. It’s the exact same way  when the republicans are in power, but ya know, matter of factly, not as vicious for some reason as when the democrats are in power. I’m not biased, I’m just not sure why this is , but to me, as an outside nuetral observer, it seems this way to me.

In closing I would just like to say this……it’s our country and if we don’t take it back from the bullshit backwards thieving politicians, we’re going to lose it and very fast. If you feel you must vote, vote wisely. Don’t vote party lines. This country doesn’t need indeciseveness, we don’t need Harry Rieds…..John McCains….not even George Bush’s….we damn sure don’t need Hillary Clintons…. Unfortunately in my poinion what this county needs, no current politician has to offer. The only person that has my admiration, resepect and attention at this point, is Fred Thompson. He’s the closest thing we have to a people person, there is in politics right now and he hasn’t even announced his candidacy. May common sense be with you.