Why Dick Morris is totally wrong on Fred Thompson

First, watch this:

Dick Morris is interesting to listen to. However, that’s about where it ends. I think he’s completely wrong about Thompson and here’s why. I don’t watch Law & Order, I don’t even care about it. How many people does Morris think are going to be disappointed that Fred Thompson isn’t actually Arthur Branch in real life? Morris is out of his mind if he thinks people are going to be comparing Thompson to the characters he’s played and then dismissing him because his makeup isn’t done the same. Not a single person I know, who’s supporting Thompson, is doing so because they like him in Law & Order.

In my opinion, Morris is mad because he wrote a book called “Condi vs. Hillary: The Next Great Presidential Race” and there’s not a chance in heck that Condi is going to run. It’s not going to happen. Can you imagine the baggage of the Bush administration being hung around her neck? The DNC would have a field day with advertisements somehow linking her to Halliburton.

Morris sells books. That’s what he does. He’s talking about Thompson while peddling another book. However, he makes the case that America is sick of Washington yet they won’t want someone like Thompson who is unlike most politicians. He’s dead wrong about Condi running and more wrong about Fred Thompson.