Video: Fred Thompson explains his view on abortion, family

Maybe this will clarify some things for those wanting to know more about Thompson’s stance on abortion:

Originally from CBN: – It’s Christmas in June here at The Brody File. Look what we found under the tree. It’s a present from “supporters of Fred Thompson” given exclusively to The Brody File. It is a pre-recorded Fred Thompson video addressing the National Right to Life conference tonight in Kansas City.

Because of his schedule, he couldn’t be there in person so instead he recorded a two and a half minute video for the pro-life crowd. We have it. It starts out with Thompson and his wife Jeri, and then we get a rare look at his children for the first time.

I feel clarified. He also comes out swinging against embryonic stem cell research which should satisfy even more people.


Fred Thompson’s campaign blog, The Fred File, has embedded my video on YouTube which pleases me to no end. Check it out here.