Tom Tancredo blasting shamnesty with Drudge ads

From The Rocky Mountain News:

Rep. Tom Tancredo ratcheted up his presidential bid and anti-illegal immigration crusade today with a hot-button Web ad declaring: “Tom Tancredo: Defeat amnesty politicians.”

The red-and-blue advertisement on linked to the Colorado Republican’s campaign Web site statement imploring: “Defeat Amnesty AND the Amnesty Politicians … Join ‘The Save America Campaign.’ ”

I’m certain it will get much attention but won’t do much for Tancredo’s campaign.

Before last night’s Republican presidential candidate debate, Tancredo told reporters he plans to change direction in his campaign so he can pressure fellow Republicans into rejecting the congressional immigration reform plan he considers “amnesty.” He said he will scale back his weekly visits to the early caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

Tancredo is indeed sticking to his word. Last year I watched many interviews with him in which he stated that he was basically entering the race the bring border security and immigration enforcement to the forefront in debates. Tancredo’s only problem is that Romney, the current 3rd sometimes 4th place candidate depending on Thompson, also opposes this awful legislation.

If a Republican wins, other than McCain, they should consider Tancredo as head of Homeland Security or some such post.