Hannity to Interview Fred Thompson Live Tuesday

This is supposed to happen after the CNN Republican debate via the MediaBistro:

Potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson won’t be on the stage for CNN’s Republican debate tomorrow night, but he will be weighing in on Fox News Channel:

Sean Hannity has an exclusive interview with Thompson lined up for Hannity & Colmes tomorrow, just after CNN’s debate ends…

I’ve got to say, the man is taking no prisoners in stealing the wind out of the other Republican candidate’s sails. Thompson doesn’t have to appear in the debate, he will probably garner a stronger viewing audience in a live interview with Hannity @ 9pm on FNC.

In essence, he has won the debate, the rest of the candidates will be bickering for 2nd place.

CNN even makes light of Thompson’s influence:

The Republican presidential prospect one rival calls “Mighty Mouse” won’t be at Tuesday’s debate, but is nonetheless causing a little tension.

Former Sen. Fred Thompson is already raising money and is said by advisers to be all but certain to formally join the race in early July.

“[It’s] what we might call the ‘Mighty Mouse’ candidacy,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said Monday while campaigning in Concord, New Hampshire’s capital city. “You know: ‘Here I come to save the day.’ And in the end voters are not necessarily looking for Mighty Mouse to fly in — they are looking for somebody who stands their ground and goes the distance.”

State Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen says Thompson is certainly welcome to the race, but he plays down the idea that GOP voters are not happy with the existing field of candidates.

So the question is, what will Thompson be announcing Tuesday w/ Hannity? I’m suspecting he’ll edge a little closer and discuss how he is planning a formal announcement for July. Whatever it is, we’ll have the full interview here once it airs.

I’ve neglected to put up the CNN Democratic debate video due to lack of time. The same will go for the Republican at this point. It’s easier to work with a 10 minute interview.