Meanwhile in the other America…

This little “gem” popped up today:

The question of the day: Just how much of the $500 million sunken treasure found in the Atlantic last weekend belongs to Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards?

I put a call in to Edwards’ campaign yesterday morning to find out, but I haven’t heard back yet.

The reality? The populist one-term senator will get an undisclosed piece of the action from the sunken 17th-century galleon.

The ship, laden with gold and silver, was found at the bottom of the Atlantic by a little-known exploration company, Florida-based Odyssey Marine Research.

Even less well known is who owns OMR.

Biggest shareholder: New York-based Fortress Investments, a private equity and hedge fund manager. Senior adviser and major investor: John Edwards.

Edwards’ personal financial disclosures show he’s an investor in the exclusive Drawbridge Global Macro Fund, which owns the 9.9% stake in OMR.

Ten percent of $500 million. After costs, of course.

John Edwards is so in touch with his “two Americas”. So much, in fact, that he is reportedly thankful to receive his massive cut of the treasure to pay his outrageous property taxes on his 28,000 square foot home. That part isn’t actually true.

What is true is that we have no idea why Edwards won’t disclose his tax returns or other information. For a country where opportunity is limited for the “other” America, Edwards seems to have defied ALL odds. He came from a poor family and is making millions. Other than that, this country sucks for most people (besides him of course).

Here is the paradox: Edwards made his millions privately yet he urges the rest of American to become government-dependent. Maybe we’re all not as smart as him.