Video: Mitt Romney on 60 Minutes Sunday

Here is the entire interview with Mike Wallace on 5/13/07:

Notice how Wallace attempts to turn the “we” into “President Bush” as the complete screwup.

Frankly I think Wallace is a cranky old man taking yet another hit piece on Romney. “Have you had premarital sex?” Come on! What kind of question is that? Do we ask Hillary Clinton if she’s ever been unfaithful to her cheating husband? Do we ask John Kerry if he married Theresa for money? Of course not, but we ask Mitt Romney and his wife if they had premarital sex.

As if Romney would say yes.

Wallace called him a “horse’s ass” for running against Kennedy as if, no one should dare challenge the large drinker from Massachusetts. He’s king, and nobody challenges the king.

Wallace asks him about his NRA membership like it’s a disease he has.