Obama’s wife taunts Hillary, praises hubby

From the Washington Post:

WINDHAM, N.H., May 7 Michelle Obama, making an early campaign foray for her husband in the state with the nation’s first presidential primary, praised her husband Monday for having a “moral compass” and contended that quality counts more than the “experience” on which many of his Democratic rivals are basing their campaigns.

Challengers have pointed to the relative inexperience of the senator from Illinois in national politics as a liability in his bid for the White House, and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) has attempted to undercut her main opponent by stressing her years in Washington. But Michelle Obama, a Harvard-educated lawyer who works in a management position at the University of Chicago Hospitals, said her husband has a more rounded résumé.

“I know that experience is important, right? But experience without the sort of moral compass is not enough,” she said at a house party not far from Manchester, where she also appeared on Monday. “And it’s not just enough to check off a bunch of boxes and say, ‘I’ve spent so many years in Washington,’ because Barack has those experiences. He doesn’t have the checked-box experiences, but he has experience that makes a difference.”

So now it’s the moral compass, not experience, that counts towards getting elected president. Furthermore, according to Michelle Obama, her husbands experience is “experience that makes a difference”. So again, there is experience, and then there is the Barack Obama experience which is second to none.

From here on out, we need to examine the experience of each candidate and determine how it rates on the Obama Experience Scale of quality. See, a candidate can have little experience, like Obama, but if it’s quality, then counts more than a lot of experience.

New campaign slogan, “Barack Obama: Quality over Quantity”