Video: Post-debate Fred Thompson interview

Note: The newest Thompson post-debate interview from 6/5/07 is here.

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I know, it may seem like we’re getting a little Fred Thompson overload but to be honest, the response is overwhelming to this man. None of the other candidates, not even Rudy, has had this much positive response in such a short amount of time.

This interview comes from Breitbart TV. It’s Thompson’s first interview after the debate and it’s worth watching.

CBS News also discusses this interview:

“If I didn’t think I could win in November I wouldn’t think about it,” Thomspon said in an interview with Scott Baker for

Thompson said he “had some thoughts” about when he might officially jump into the crowded field of Republican candidates, but he said he wasn’t “ready to talk about that too much.”

But, if he commits to running for president, Thompson said he will not do it halfway.

“I’m not interested in winning a primary and losing in November,” he said in the interview. “I’m not interested in being the tallest midget in the room.”

So, in short, he thinks he can win and is seriously considering when to announce.

When asked about the Republicans who would be his competitors, Thompson would not go on the attack.

“Some of them I know very well, some of them I don’t know well at all,” he told Baker. “So I’m not going to pass judgment on them at all.”

Always the gentleman.

Update 6/5/07:

If you’re looking for the newest post debate interview from June 5th Thompson did with Sean Hannity, here it is!