Video: Fred Thompson’s remarks to the Lincoln Club

Here you go:

It’s sort of a campaign platform if you ask me. Sorry for the poor quality, I recorded it from C-Span’s web feed.

Despite the quality, the man is there and he’s right on message. It’s only a matter of time before I’m posting that Fred has announced his candidacy.


The Politico has some analysis of Thompson’s visit to the Lincoln Club:

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — He was wearing a nicely tailored three button suit along with a pair of what his true-believing audience would’ve called freedom cuffs. But when former Sen. Fred Thompson gave the after dinner speech to the conservative Lincoln Club at a swanky waterside resort here in Orange County last night, he could have just as easily been on his ABC radio show or even back in his native middle Tennessee.

In a much anticipated appearance before a few hundred well heeled Republicans and live C-SPAN audience, Thompson gave a pull-up-a-chair speech that was low key and at times meandering.

The only other candidate with Thompson’s charisma is Romney in my opinion. Watching those two debate would be interesting. Although, Thompson wins hands down but Romney deserves a chance.