Sunday talk 2008 appearances

Here is the roundup of 2008 candidates on the Sunday shows:

Fox News Sunday will have Chris Dodd (for the 6 people who care). We’ll have video of that (again, for the same 6 people).

ABC’s This Week with George Stpheepoewpdnskdmsl has landed John Edwards and Tom Tancredo. Unfortunately, I don’t get ABC over my satellite dish so I will be looking for video from somewhere.

The Politico has more on Edwards:

On ABC’s “This Week,” presidential contender John Edwards will likely repeat his call for fellow Democrats to maintain a hard line against President Bush over war funding and a timetable for U.S. withdrawal from Iraq. Already, Edwards has been airing a new TV spot urging the Democratic-controlled Congress to send the president, who vetoed an emergency spending bill with such a timetable, “the same bill again and again.”

Edwards makes for terrific posting material.

Meet the Press will have George Tenet but since he’s not a 2008 candidate, I’m not all that interested.