Republican debate conclusions

I think Romney came out looking the best, hands down.

However, political adviser Dick Morris believes that MSNBC and actually conspired against Giuliani to make him look bad. He also believes that their goal was to make Romney and McCain shine.

I do agree that the questions were stupid, “who believes in evolution?”. I am not so sure I actually agree with Morris. I honestly think that this was just a new stage for Giuliani and he floundered a bit. I also think that Romney was born to debate. McCain looked and sounded terrible in my opinion, Morris is way off on that.

Political Buzz also has some lengthy debate analysis:

Have we mentioned that it’s still ridiculously early in the ‘08 race? Nothing proves that more than the results of last night’s GOP debate from California. With Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Mike Huckabee looking like pros and Rudy Giuliani fighting just to appear as relevant as the second-tier white noise, the proceedings were a clear sign of how far it is to go until the Republicans choose a nominee. And unless they really love Romney, conservatives are very happy with that fact. It will give McCain the time to talk about an issue – any issue – beyond Iraq allow Giuliani to become a fire-breathing anti-abortion robot.

Hot Air also has debate analysis as does The Presidential Tote Board 2008.