Yet another Edwards campaign email with VIDEO!

John Edwards '08

Dear Greg,

You did it! Yesterday we made our goal of raising $100,000 to put our “We the People” ad on the air in Washington, DC urging Congress to stand up to President Bush and end the Iraq War.

Last night John Edwards asked if we could expand the ad into Iowa. And people across the country are adding their voices to the powerful video that is growing on YouTube.

Now is the moment. Please do everything you can to help us get this message out. Contribute what you can to help us keep the ad on the air. And send the link to the ad to your friends and ask them to join our campaign.

I never thought I would ever be in another Presidential campaign. But I watched as John and Elizabeth Edwards decided they would continue the fight to make a difference for our country. And it made me ask myself what I could do to make a difference.

If they could continue to fight—then how could I stay on the sidelines?

And with our troops in Iraq, how can any of us not do everything we can to bring them home?

We have joined John Edwards in his fight. He, our troops and our country need us now. Right now. Please do everything you can.

Joe Trippi
Back in the fight

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