Does Dennis Kucinich have the hottest campaign wife?

This is funny from our newest blogroll member, Viralroots:

Okay, a video popped up on YouTube this morning which will undoubtedly be Dennis Kucinich’s YouChoose Spotlight video. Previously I’ve talked about Obama rocking the whole net thing and Ron Paul finding a disproportionate amount of success online because his ideology is so niche. But really, Dennis Kucinich in the undeniable online campaign PRO. In this latest video, I haven’t a clue what he is saying. Why? because I’m too busy staring at his smokin’ wife that he has strategically standing over his shoulder in the video.

Viralroots has all the videos and pictures here if you’re just that interested.

Is she hot? You decide:

(click to enlarge)


Best comment ever:

Is that seriously his wife? She’s too good for him. She’s like the Sears Tower to a cheap three story hotel.

– Rick from The War Room | Election 2008