Video: Democratic Debate from South Carolina

Without further delay, here is the entire 1 hour and 30 minute debate, unedited. Enjoy:

4/26/07 – Video: MSNBC Democratic debate from South Carolina

Also, here’s a little analysis from Steven Stark:

Debate winners are in the minds of the beholder. That’s why this morning we have Iowa’s David Yepsen saying the second-tier candidates all did well, including Bill Richardson (we thought he bombed); the Politico’s rising star Ben Smith saying it was Hillary’s night (better than Edwards?), and David Broder talking about how impressive the field was (we thought it lacked stature). (Ewen MacAskill of England’s Guardian also gave it to Hillary but he watched it live and live observers can never judge a debate accurately.

Update @ 8:23pm on 4/28 by Nate:

More reaction from 2008 Central and Political Buzz. Good stuff.