Team Tancredo Stands up for Duane “Dog” Chapman

I recently visited Tom Tancredo’s website and I noticed down in the bottom left corner of the site is a little youtube snippet video of Congressman Tancredo voicing his support and concern for the attempted departation of A&E’s reality tv star Duane”Dog”Chapman. Through his speech Tancredo goes on defend Chapman as well as question the policies of extradition and the extradition treaty with Mexico itself.

Strangely enough it would seem listening to Tancredo it’s revealed that neither the U.S. nor Mexico typically adheres to the extradition treaty. It would seem our two countries make extradition deals when deemed beneficial to both parties. You wouldn’t think this reality star legal issue would seem like a very important topic but if you think about it, it actually is.

We all know the border issues including extradition is going to play a major issue in the upcomming elections. I think it’s interesting that the Department of Justice is so blatantly trying to avoid dealing with these issues. As Tancredo reports, The State Department says it doesn’t have the time and funding to deal with the overflow of cases involving the Mexican border, yet we wasted taxpayer dollars on send the U.S. Marshalls to arrest a reality tv star who brought a convicted serial rapist to justice. The guy is on tv everyday, one of the most recognizable faces in today’s modern culture, where the hell is he going to hide…Mexico?

The point is, how can we fix the border problems with immigration and drug trafficking if we’re wasting tax payer dollars arresting our own citizens? Two of our border gaurds were arrested and jailed trying to prevent just such a thing. Two illigeal border crossers were trying to bring drugs into our country and were fired on by the border patrol agents who were attempting to thwart them. U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales…..need I say more?

I’ve found that youtube video for your viewing pleasure.

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