Obama answers questions about his experience

From the AP

By BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer 9 minutes ago

NEW YORK – Wooing black voters while tackling questions about his experience, Democrat Barack Obama (news, bio, voting record) said Saturday that his years as a community organizer and accomplishments in the Illinois state Senate have prepared him well for the presidency.

Addressing the National Action Network, a civil rights group founded by Rev. Al Sharpton, Obama touted his successes as an Illinois lawmaker in providing health insurance to children and reducing the price of prescription drugs for senior citizens.

He also told of passing legislation to monitor racial profiling and to require that police interrogations of suspects in capital cases be videotaped.

So….let me see if I got this right. The majority of things he seems to be worried about are racially motivated and this prepares him for the presidency how?

Update @ 9:07pm by Nate:

This is even funnier:

“I haven’t just talked about these things, I’ve actually done them,” he said, adding that he’d worked well with the Republicans who controlled the state Senate for most of his tenure there.

Done what? Two things? Most of Obama’s experience with issues so far has been nothing but talking about them.