Regarding Gonzales and the U.S. attorney’s firings

From Fox News 

WASHINGTON — Facing growing hostility from senators in a tense hearing room, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Thursday defended his decision to fire eight U.S. attorneys despite claiming not to have been closely involved in their review process.

Gonzales, excoriated by Democrats and some Republicans, is up on Capitol Hill to explain the decisions behind and his role in the firing of the eight attorneys last December.

“I have reviewed the documents available to the Congress, and I have asked the deputy attorney general and others in the department if I should reconsider. What I have concluded is that although the process was nowhere near as rigorous or structured as it should have been, and while reasonable people might decide things differently, my decisions to ask for the resignations of these U.S. attorneys is justified and should stand,” Gonzales said in testimony originally scheduled to be given on Tuesday, but delayed two days because of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Ya know I’ve been avoiding making a comment on this story, but the more I think about it the more direct imapct I think it has on political party affiliation. Do you realize that Bill Clinton’s administration fired more U.S. attorney’s than Gonzales did and nobody ever said a damn thing? I’m not defending Gonzales, I actually don’t like the guy.

How can you really, he’s directly responsible for the jailing of 2 U.S. border patrol gaurds for shooting at two illegals who were trying to bring drugs into the country. I think the guy needs to get fired for THAT reason more than any other.

It’s in my opinion the attack on Gonzales regarding the firings is entirely a political move structured by the Democrats as I think at this point in time they are determined to cause more trouble than they are to fix things. Democrats keep touting the same slogan over and over and over and I’m really tired of it. ” Obviously the people have spoken and want change, they want us out of Iraq, the people want change, as a result of the elections the people have spoke etc etc etc.” Yo fellas, assumption is the mother of all *bleep*ups. I think the people have incorrectly assumed electing so many Democrats to office was a good idea.

I don’t think they have a damn clue WHAT we want and as far as I am concerned they are too damn busy looking for controversy to do the jobs they were elected to do. So much for the touted change, how the hell can you in effect cause any change if you’re too busy playing partisan politics and trying to can every republican in sight?

I don’t disagree there has been some real shady politics going on with some republicans, but c’mon, when do the constant attacks stop? When are you people going to stop fighting each other and actually represent US, the people that elected you? How many Republicans do you have to hang before you can finally get on with running the country, right now you ruining it. Fire Gonzales already and move on, you’re costing more taxpayer money screwing around with this whole witch hunt than is necessary.