Fred Thompson Upsets McCain in New Poll

This is according to a LA Times poll:

WASHINGTON — Sen. John McCain, once considered the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has fallen to third place in a new Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll, and is running behind Fred Thompson, an actor and former senator who has not even entered the race.

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani leads the crowded field of announced and potential contenders with support from 29% of probable Republican primary voters surveyed, followed by Thompson with 15% and McCain with 12%. Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor and a fundraising powerhouse, had 8%.

A bit of Hot Air commentary:

He’s not the news here, though, McCain is. Third place, worst polling ever, only four ahead of Mitt, and probably about to dip a bit further thanks to the two blockbuster bombings in Iraq today. He’s already downsizing his campaign staff after the thin first-quarter fundraising and trails both Hillary and Obama in the LAT poll. He’s not dropping out anytime soon, but the next quarter’s fundraising report is due on June 30th — right around the time the surge will be expected to start showing some concrete progress in Baghdad. If the news on both counts is grim, he’ll have some hard decisions to make around July 4th.

Worth noting: he actually does better with Fred in the race than out of it. In a three-way contest, he trails Rudy by 23, 48-25. (Romney pulls 20.)

My opinion is that there are people who generally like McCain but would rather vote for someone else, someone who is more in line with the Republican Party. The fact that Thompson hasn’t announced and is beating McCain in polls is tremendous news for Thompson and just plain bad news for McCain.

McCain is going from so-called front runner status, to possible VP status, to possible nothing status if this trend continues.

Maybe a Thompson/Giuliani ticket? Could be deadly to the Hillary/Obama ticket.