You Decide 2008 – A no spin zone.

I thought I would just take a minute a leave you guys a post to think about. I’ve been reading comments to the stories myself and Nate dig up and post here to keep you guys up to date on all candidates on both sides of the fence.

You Decide 2008 is most definitely a NO SPIN ZONE. We DO NOT put ANY spins on ANY stories at ANY time. These stories are in fact, copied, pasted and LINKED to the root source for verification purposes so that our readers can see where the sources of these news stories are.

That being said I would just like to say that I’m seeing an awful lot of negativity in the Dems side of the playground and I’m sorry people but we don’t make this stuff up and it truly disgusts us the things that come out. Should the Rep side do these things, rest assured Nate and I would report and equal disgust and in the past we have.

We are most definitely bi-partisan, however the stories present themselves, we don’t do much digging and we definitely aren’t trying to bury any particular candidate. We want you to know the full story on these people so that when it’s time to vote, you vote for the right person, not the party the candidate represents.

From time to time we express our outtakes and views on these stories, but they are merely our own opinions. These opinions aren’t meant to sway you towards any particular candidate. We invite comments and criticism on these stories as it’s interesting to get other points of view on the matters. Feel free to join in our political discussions but please by all means keep it clean and attack free.