Hillary’s N.O.W. support

Get tickled by the pages of NOW

NOW PAC’s “Make History With Hillary,” campaign will organize and energize women’s rights supporters across the country — urging women and men across this nation to stand up and say “I’m Ready” for a woman president — for this woman president.

I know I’m ready for a president who can turn the country around, and point us in the direction of equality, justice and opportunity for all.

For 30 years, NOW PAC has worked tirelessly to help elect feminist candidates to federal office and increase the representation of women in our government. Through “Make History With Hillary,” NOW PAC will provide training, tools and resources to our hundreds of thousands of supporters, so that they will be informed and equipped to work as volunteers at the grassroots level to elect feminist candidates and make our dream of a woman president a reality;

At the national level, NOW PAC will work to increase public awareness of the extraordinary career, accomplishments and leadership of Senator Clinton. Our members will conduct voter registration drives, make phone calls and go door to door to encourage women to vote as if their future depended on it, because it does. Finally, we will help elect feminist candidates to the House and Senate who will work with President Clinton to undo the damage done by the Bush administration.

Here in the home of Alice Paul — one of the brave leaders who helped win women the right to vote in 1920 — I am honored to stand beside the candidate I hope will be the first woman president of the United States of America, but not the last. A woman who can turn things around and get us back on the right track.

This is the legacy we can leave to our daughters and granddaughters: a dream realized and OK OK I HAVE TO CUT THIS , IT’S JUST TOO REDICULOUS 😀

I had to laugh when I read this…..daughters and granddaughters eh, no sons and grandsons? I guess we are not of any importance in the grand scheme of things. You’ll notice the word feminist used around 3 times, oh and read the bold print, seems they are into brain washing and it looks as if they are uneducated as they seem to believe the presidential election has no impact on our future at all they just want women to vote as IF it does. Well uh it does and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out.

Oh and psssst Clinton laid the groundwork for what has taken place in Iraq thus far, Osama Bin Laden and Sadam Hussein have been problems since way before the Bush administration. I suppose Clinton getting bj’s in the oval office from interns doesn’t tarnish the presidency one bit? Never mind that Congress actually impeached him for LYING to the ENTIRE country while pointing a finger at the camera.

Before I forget, do these feminists remember that Hillary stood by quietly as Bill committed adultry 3 or 4 times that we know of ? Of course they do, it’s the feminist way, do what ya gotta do to get where ya wanna get. Soooo while Bill was gettin his, Hillary sat idley by waiting to get hers. She used him. Never mind the daughter they have caught in the midst, I’m sure Hillary has her brainwashed.

For the love of everything not Hillary, why on earth would you honestly want to vote for a person like this and with the backing of the NOW org. ? It would seem to me this should be bringing about major controversy and it may when it comes down closer to the primaries. But then most mass media is generally viewed as liberal so I don’t expect they will make much of a fuss about it.