Gingrich Turning Green, Looking Foolish

Further proof Gingrich is not a good choice:

In a heavily hyped debate – one that environmentalist Democrats hoped would be a “smack down” on Republicans — former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich disappointed them and conservatives alike when he declared that human activity was causing the Earth to warm.

The concession was made in a debate on global warming with Sen. John Kerry (D.-Mass.) today on Capitol Hill that was sponsored by the Brookings Institution and the RAND Corporation.

In his first portion of allotted time Gingrich said there were two undisputed areas of scientific consensus on global warming: that the earth is getting hotter and the warming had been caused by human activity.

Well to Mr. Gingrich I would say that I could personally dispute the fact that global warming is being caused by human activity. The evidence isn’t there. No doubt the temperature has gone up less than a degree in 100 years with most of the warming occurring before proliferation of automobiles and other carbon emitting industries.

What a disappointment. Although, I wasn’t personally looking to Newt as a savior to the Republican Party. He’s should stick to commentator.

I will sum up my views on global warming by referring to a recent column from Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily:

I would love to be promoting a theory (which has been turned into a lucrative business for Al Gore) that works no matter what happens. Snow, rain, cold, heat, wet, dry – they are all symptoms of global warming.

The rest of us just need to remember this is not science; it’s religion.

It takes faith to believe in global warming.

You need to pretend the sun is not the major factor in how warm Earth is at any given time.

You need to pretend that your choice of light bulb can really impact the temperature of the planet.

You need to pretend deviating temperatures of the past, before industrialization, didn’t mean anything, while deviating temperatures in the industrial age spell doom and gloom.

You need to pretend that buying carbon credits from Al Gore will actually save the planet.

You need to pretend massive, government-forced redistributions of wealth can reduce the temperature of the planet.

That’s a lot of pretending.

For Newt Gingrich to buy into Gore’s junk science has taken my last shred of respect for Gingrich.