Hillary, Obama, & Edwards Prove Incompetence

This from The Politico:

Barack Obama has chosen not to attend September’s Democratic presidential primary debate co-sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Fox News, an aide said, effectively dooming the event.

Obama is the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus running for President, and his decision allows other candidates to skip the debate without facing criticism that they are turning their backs on a leading black institution.

Friday, John Edwards was the first candidate to announce he’d skip the debate. The CBC Institute is hosting one other debate, with CNN in January, in which all candidates are expected to participate.

So Barack and John will be skipping as will Hillary:

The third shoe drops: Hillary’s not doing the Fox News/CBC Debate either.

Clinton spokesman Blake Zeff emails, “We’re going to participate in the DNC-sanctioned debates only. We’ve previously committed to participating in the SC and Tavis Smiley debates.”

This is getting absurd. You have the number 1 rated cable news channel partnering with the ultra liberal congressional black caucus to sponsor Democratic debates and the the 3 top candidates won’t participate because their constituents don’t like Fox News? You’ve got to be kidding me.

If the Republican candidates said they would not participate in debates sponsored by liberal media outlets the outcry would be huge by Democrats accusing them of partisanship.

This is lunacy. Honestly, Obama, Hillary, and Edwards are showing their true political colors in this case. They are so insanely driven by the liberal wing of the Democratic Party should would chastise them for appearing in a Fox News sponsored debate that they have now lost all credibility in my eyes.

I try to cover people fairly but I can’t believe this is even a story.

Update from the Angry American: I was just thinking to myself today I seem to be leaning towards the Republican playing field the more these things come out, it’s absolutely ridiculous the way these people are behaving, this whole party thing has gotten completely out of hand….Dems refusing to debate in a Fox/CBC sponsored event? Edwards soliciting campaign funds from his wife’s well wishers, Hillary pulling the feminist card backed by NOW and comparing herself to JFK…..where does the lunacy in these people end? Are Democratic Party loyalists blinded to these events, are they not angered by their own party at all ? Vote for Fred.